TEC-IT Barcode Studio 16.6
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TEC-IT Barcode Studio 16.6

I recently used TEC-IT Barcode Studio to create barcodes for a project I was working on and I found it to be an incredibly useful tool
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Linear barcodes and 2D codes are now everywhere. From standard ISBN barcodes to QR codes, you can find these graphical representations of data in all kind of products and publications. Professionals dealing with these codes and in need of a high-end tool to create high-quality code images may rely on TEC-IT Barcode Studio’s excellency and experience as a solid means to produce all kinds of attractive and useful barcodes.

The program is both comprehensive and easy to use. It comes with an extensive list of templates for all kinds of standard graphic codes, both linear (1D) and 2D (QR), with specific templates for EAN codes, ISBN and ISSN codes, EAN-UCC variants, HIBC codes, UPC (Universal Product Codes), and vCard codes, as well as for those used by the German, Brazilian, Italian, UK, Swedish, and Australian postal services. All of these codes can be easily generated just by feeding the program with the relevant data (the ISBN number or the text behind the QR code, for instance) and then edited and embellished using the various settings, logos, effects, and captions that the program offers. Images can be saved as a bitmap (BMP, GIF, JPEG, TIFF, etc.) or a vector graphic (EPS, PDF, SVG, AI, or PostScript).

Additionally, Barcode Studio comes with extra tools to help you create 2D codes in a straightforward way (thanks to its in-built assistant), produce serial numbers for a set of codes, and even a design tool to create your custom labels or the possibility of using any of the most common standard labels available in the market as a template to build on. The quality of the output graphic code and its legibility once printed is guaranteed, though you can always adjust it to fit your specific requirements.

TEC-IT Barcode Studio is a professional tool aimed at professionals and with a “professional” license fee attached. Therefore, this is a tool recommended to anyone requiring producing a large amount of codes and labels on a regular basis – if you happen to need to create just one or two barcodes or QR codes, you are advised to check any of the numerous free online services available on the Web instead.

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  • Includes templates for a wide range of standard barcodes
  • Includes specific barcode templates for postal services
  • Add special effects and logos to your barcodes
  • Create custom labels


  • Requires purchasing a pricey license

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